Little Door Theatre presents their first ever Villains Cabaret. All of the worlds biggest, baddest villains have come together for a two night event of singing, dancing, and evil antics that is sure to impress. With shows like Disney's Descendants, Lion King, Heathers, Wonderland, Annie, and many many more, this show is a definite can't miss. Friday night will be family friendly for children and adults of all ages - Saturday night will incorporate more of our "Adult Villain Content" and it is recommended that patrons be 16 or older (viewer discretion advised - if there are any questions on the more mature songs in the show, please reach out to us via email at littledoortheatre.com).

Tickets are $10, and can be purchased at the above link. You may also reserve your tickets by emailing us with your preferred date of attendance, number of tickets needed, and your name at littledoortheatre@gmail.com, and you may purchase them at the door.

Parking is available on the left hand side of the theatre between our space and the Baseline Feed Store, on the grass lot behind the theatre, in the municipal lot behind the liquor store across the street (along the brick wall only), or on the residential street beside the theatre. Please do not park in the lot that belongs to the Beer and Wine Store, they will tow your car.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at any time, and we would be happy to help, littledoortheatre@gmail.com.