2018-2019 Season


Deep into the Darkness

October 26-28

by: Edgar Allan Poe

Directed and Adapted by: Shannon Hurst


Deep into the darkness peering long I stood there - wondering, fearing, doubting..." -Edgar Allan Poe


Join Little Door Theatre as we creep into the Halloween season with our haunting Edgar Allan Poe tribute, Deep into the Darkness. We will be featuring two of Poe's most frightening short stories, The Tell-Tale Heart and Ligeia, and taking a new spin on the original classic tales.



December 6-9, 13-16

by: William Shakespeare

Directed: Shannon Hurst


This story traces the tragic downfall of Othello, a Moor and a mercenary who became general of the Venetian armies. He angers Iago, one of his high ranking soldiers, when he passes him over for promotion in favor of the untested gentleman soldier Michael Cassio. In his jealousy, Iago seeks an opportunity to ruin both men and finds it by utilizing his skills in manipulation. William Shakespeare's Othello is a timeless, tragic tale of love, deceit, jealousy and murder.


The Snow Queen

February 22-24, March 1-3

by: Hans Christian Andersen

Directed: Shannon Hurst


Based on the beloved Hans Christian Anderson story, kids of all ages will be delighted by THE SNOW QUEEN, a heartwarming musical tale of friendship, love, and coming of age. Join Gerda as she sets out to save  her best friend Kai from the icy hand of the Snow Queen.  Along the way, Gerda encounters robbers, witches, royalty and a talking reindeer as her adventures take her closer to saving her friend.

April 4-7, 11-14

April 4-7, 11-14

by: Anton Chekhov

Directed: Shannon Hurst


On an over-crowded country estate, a retired art professor, his second wife, and the daughter and brother-in- law from his first marriage navigate mid-life crises, unrequited love, a last-minute murder plot…and each other. Delusion and despair compete with humor and hope in Chekhov’s beloved story about what is and what might have been.

Uncle Vanya

Lysistrataartposter(updated dates).jpg


June 13-16, 20-23

by: Aristophanes

Directed: Shannon Hurst


The theme of Lysistrata proclaims, "make love, not war!”  With the Peloponnesian Wars raging, the distressed women of Athens take matters into their own hands, refusing to make love with their husbands until the war is over.  This social spoof, written by Aristophanes in 411 B.C., is as relevant to modern concerns about war as it was in ancient Greece.

August 15-18, 22-25

Two Gentlemen of Verona

August 15-18, 22-25

by: William Shakespeare

Directed: Andrew McMechan

 Shakespeare tells the story of two best friends, modern gentlemen, that travel abroad to explore the world and, in the interim, spark romance. This is a colorful and chaotic comedy about the pitfalls and excitement of falling in love and finding yourself.

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